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What Are Enzyme Peels?

Enzyme peels are identified as chemical exfoliation in esthetics. Physical exfoliants work to slough off dead cells sitting on the surface of the skin, enzymes are proteolytic in nature and work to digest the keratin (protein) in dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

Depending on the composition of your skin, enzyme peels can be gentle enough to repeat once a week. Most clinical facials include the use of an enzyme peel to enhance exfoliation and to assist in preparing the skin for easier extractions.

Enzymes are great combined with microdermabrasion, LED, and many other advanced treatments to prepare your skin to yield greater results and/or enhance exfoliation.

Why Does Your Skin Need an Enzyme Peel?

People often wonder why you should see a medical esthetician to help your skin, having a medical esthetician they provide medical grade and professional enzyme peel products not obtained in stores such as Ulta, Sephora, Walmart, etc. The professional results are superficial, temporary, and provide a refreshed dewy complexion but none of the in-depth clinical changes such as those as seen with AHA, BHA, Jessner's or TCA peels.

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