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Chemical Peels


medical-grade chemical peel photo

Signature Aesthetics Facials and Skincare offers Medical-Grade Chemical Peels. 


Chemical peels use a precise chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin, revealing a bright, healthy, more vibrant complexion. Depending on the strength of the solution and the duration of the application, varying depths of skin will peel off over the next 1-7 days. The lightest peels will not cause any visible peeling but work as a brightening agent.


After carefully determining which kind of peel will achieve the best results on your particular skin type and condition, we will advise on the best course of treatment.


The peel is applied to the skin and left in place for several hours after your visit. The safe chemicals will self-neutralize after a measure of time.  Light peels cause very little discomfort. The most aggressive peels may cause moderate discomfort, but not at a level that should discourage a patient from using the chemical peel.

The peel application process usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes for mild peels to about an hour for more aggressive peels.

We provide take-home kits for proper care of the skin after the peel and may recommend certain products from the medical-grade lines we carry. 

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