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Sensitive Skin

Characteristics of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by fragility, think skin, and redness. Sensitive skin is a condition but can also be genetically predisposed. Sensitive skin is easily irritated by products or by exposure to heat or sun. Telangiectasia is visible broken or distended capillaries, which may be noticeable on sensitive skin. These conditions are a protective visible reaction to let us know something is irritating the skin.

Fragile of thin skin can also be the result of age or medications. Skin can become reactive and sensitized to exposure to things such as harsh products, heat, or even become dehydrated and chapped from cold weather.

Sensitive Skin in Esthetics

Sensitive or sensitized skin can be difficult to treat because of its low tolerance to products and simulation. Examples:

  • Excessive rubbing

  • Heat

  • Exfoliation

  • Extractions

All can cause damage and increase redness.

How to Treat Sensitive Skin

Signature Aesthetics treats sensitive skin with nonirritating, calming products and treatments. It is important to find out what could be causing sensitive conditions by completing a thorough skin analysis. The primary treatment goal is to soothe, calm and protect.

Examples of calming products for sensitive skin
Sensitive Skin Products

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